When I trained Recruits at the Sheriff’s department I would make this request of them.  Before we began I had them bring me a photograph of themselves.  I told them to make it one that showed their likes, who they were.

Once I had my hands on this photograph I would have a very serious conversation with this new recruit.  The words went something like this.

“I will teach you to be the big bad ass police, how to drive fast – kick ass and carry a gun but you have to make a promise to me now”.

“When this ride is over be it a year or a career you will TRY to go back to this person (pointing at photograph).  You WILL be changed by this.  You will become hard, suspicious and mean in some ways.  Always remember who you were”.

I would then tuck the photograph in their breast pocket and tell them to always keep it there as a reminder of this promise.

I have spent years searching for myself.  These writings are part of my journey.

© 2015, Michael Fulcher. All rights reserved.

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