A Meeting of the Mind


Have you ever had that internal conversation that goes something like this:

“Michael, why did you do that or – Michael why didn’t you anticipate that?”

I have a question. Who is in there with us? Who do we speak to in our Mind? I decided to think about it.


I imagine my Mind as an infinite dark place. Three low ground fires sit in a triangular space. Between the fires three torch lights illuminate the darkness from pike poles, casting shadows but ample light. In the center is a round table and six heavy chairs. A comfortable place for thinking without distraction. A place for honest discussions.

I next began to imagine who sits at the round table of my Mind. Who make up the parts of Me?


The Warrior/Protector:

I was raised to be this, the oldest Son. More than once my life has been threatened and I’ve had to fight for it. I’m hard to kill.

It is better to be a Warrior in a garden than a Gardner in a war.

The Warrior sees things only in Black and White – He seeks Respect and Honor.

The Romantic:

The Romantic is where my Hope, Dreams and Passion reside. He is awash with the color of Women and loves them all, or tries to. The writer of love letters, the artist. He is the one that types the words you read.

The Romantic can only sees the Best in everything and everybody – Always hopeful but easily wounded.

The Male Animal:

Part of me is a strong male animal chained to the ground. When unchained women love him and men fear him. I believe this is the rarest part of Me and my most celebrated. I know that someday he will be the first to die, curled in the corner, still. But today, on this day, I rejoice…

Animal doesn’t communicate in words, he is scent driven and cannot be reasoned with. He doesn’t obey orders.

The Child:

This is where my enthusiasm springs from, the child within me. Unashamed, inquisitive, open. When I lay on the ground and stare at clouds the child prodded me to do so. Some have said I seem so alive – they witnessed the child at play. He is the Flyer of kites.

The child thinks like a child.

The Dark Ones:

The ones I still search for and don’t know where to look.

The Thinker/Realist:

Everything is measured the same way by the Thinker. From Gods to used cars it all goes through a scientific way of thinking. Testable, repeatable, demonstrable and observable are always requirements. He has full veto power over whatever shit the others collectively come up with. Sometimes the Romantic will call on Animal and the Protector for support at the table but the Thinker always has override authority.

The Thinker sees things in bright light, real and exposed – often harsh – painful.


A Meeting of the Mind:

They gather again at the table of decisions. The Universe has placed another fork in the road for our consideration.

The Thinker speaks first…


© 2016, Michael Fulcher. All rights reserved.

The Red Pill

Today I seek relationship advice from any who would care to comment but especially the women.

Part of the demise of my last long-term relationship was this…

She started to explore “Red Pill Philosophy” and it became a central part of many of our discussions. The philosophy boils down to this. Take the Red Pill and then you will know the truth, women are evolutionary animals and are always looking to “trade up” or better described are in a constant state of hypergamy. Imagine a troop of baboons, the females constantly watch the Alpha for any perceived weakness and if they see any they are likely to bolt for the next suitor. It is a part of the natural consequence of animal relationships and attraction.

With this way of thinking my previous “Mate” began to discourage me from ever showing any signs of weakness. I had to walk as an Alpha Male and nothing else. It was all I could be in her presence, never to wince, never to acknowledge pain…

I tried to be this but I failed.

My Question: Is this really what women want? A man without feelings? Is a man being an Alpha male enough for you? I think this sucks for me because it’s not what I want. I want so much more than this.

I’m very interested in your thoughts because I’m considering changing the way I interact with women for the rest of my life. I am trying to digest this life lesson but I’m conflicted.

To be hard and flinty, is this the way to a better Me?




© 2016, Michael Fulcher. All rights reserved.